embroidered mahogany tray

Vintage clothing patterns
Patterns are made of a paper similar to poster board in weight. largest pieces have illustrations of adult and child’s clothing. Main pieces’ are adjustable and directions are printed on each one in FRENCH. Prof. J B Plant won prizes at the 1904 St Louis Exposition. Prices on the patterns seem expensive for that period and economy.

Vintage clothing patterns  
Antique English Mahogany Tea Tray with brass handles
There are an assortment of 18 pieces, including blouse, skirt, various sleeves, & collars. etc..
Doilies and lace
Door knobs
Door knobs
Rummage through our bountiful collection of doilies
Doily craft ideas from Martha Stewart
Snowshoes Stereopticon
Antique Rosewood Humidor, lined
        doorstop doorstops      
Large amount of early stereopticon cards available
Snowshoes - for use or display



  Photo holder l  
Green bake-lite "bowling ball" shape drink dispenser with working pump and completely original $145.00

Celluloid Photo holder - 1910 

Child's sled
Child's sled with iron runners (Torpedo)
  assorted Chrysler advertising papers of the same 1926 vintage   Golfer items $25 or less  
Golfer items
  Medical Quackery  
1926 Chrysler showing several models.. shown both open in a frame, and then closed along with assorted Chrysler advertising papers of the same vintage.
Playing Card holders and cases  $25 or less  

Moxie Nerve Tonic bottle $50
Medical Quackery (shocking devise) $75.


Playing Card holders and cases