Pewter and cast iron cookware (including Erie, Griswald, Wagner), brass & copper tea kettles, and cook pots, fireplace tools, cranes, fenders, screens, trivets and more...

      Umbrella Stand           Christmas tree andirons       Locks   Moxie Thermometer 26"H X10" W    Paint has faded but the thermometer is in working condition $195.00          
        Nice Iron  umbrella holder. with Frog sitting Under the grape vine, by the water catcher.                    
Christmas Tree Andirons
meat grinders
Meat grinders

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Moxie Thermometer Paint has faded but the thermometer is in working condition

A varied selection of Pewter
Copper pump $150.00    
brass andirons
Selection of early "short dog" Andirons
mid 19th Century
brass andirons
Selection of early "longer dog" Andirons

Copper Well Pump:  49" H  Brass trim; signed W & E Douglas # 3

Assortment of antique cookware and kitchen items

The pair of Andirions, on the right, within the Fireplace Fender, ( late 18th to early 19th Century) are signed "Hunneman" Boston (Wm. Hunneman, was one of the brass workers that made brass fittings for "Frigate Constitution" or "Old Ironsides", & had been an apprentice of Paul Revere

Brass hinges
Pr. Brass Hinges; Very Ornate,
8"H X 5 1/2" W

As long as there have been doors there have been doorstops. Early on they may have been a convenient rock or piece of furniture, but in the 19th and early 20th centuries, doorstops were manufactured as decorative items for the home. Generally cast in iron, they are avidly sought after by today's collectors.
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Tieback Sets  
        Tiebacks     Assorted Smoking Novelties    
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Assorted Smoking Novelties; Details ; including "Monkey " Copper & Brass Cigar cutter, Cigarette lighters, including music box Knight, match holders, and Nautical cigarette boxes.
Tieback Sets
Early Brass Tiebacks
4 Matching Tiebacks
4 Matching Tiebacks